Winter season is one of those seasons when parents have to worry about their child’s health. After the hot humid months, winter brings some much-needed respite from the heat. But it also brings its own challenges like seasonal colds or trying to keep warm. Bundling up your baby in hopes of protecting him or her from the seasonal hazards is a prime challenge.

During the winter season, the child’s immunity tends to become weak and this happens because of increase in infections that are viral and bacterial in nature. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of them as the season begins. Read on how to take the best care of your child during the winter season.


Before knowing how to care for your baby in winters, it is more important to know what are the viruses that cause such problems, which includes:


It is also important to know the symptoms of such problems to avail help whenever needed:

  • The Common cold is the most prevailing of the winter viruses, presenting symptoms of a runny nose, fever, and cough.
  • Bronchial infections like RSV, cause inflammation of the inner lungs.
  • Coughing, wheezing, and difficulty in sleeping.
  • Trouble breathing, gasping for breath and short breaths.
  • Coughing to the point of vomiting.
  • CLOTHING: Adequate warm clothing is essential for your child. On the other, avoid over-dressing your baby. Don’t ever over-bundle your baby as it might cause overheating. Opt for comfortable woollen clothing for them.


  • BEDDING: Swaddling is the best way to make your baby sleep peacefully in the winter season. Use natural fibre materials to swaddle your baby. Instead of having a heavy single blanket go for multiple light layers, thus it will be easy for you to add additional layers if needed and for easy washing and drying.

  • OUTDOORS: While taking your baby outdoors in the winter season, make sure you use socks, mittens, caps to protect them from the harsh cold wind. It is easy to take care of your child inside the house but it becomes difficult when you take them outdoors. Make sure you protect them from the cold winds so that they remain healthy and disease-free.

  • MASSAGE: During winter months before bath, massage your baby with mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or any oil of your choice. Out of these, mustard oil is very good for winter as it warms the body. But if your baby has sensitive or dry skin, eczema or any other form of rash, it is best not to use mustard oil on her skin. Instead, you could try an oil that is thought to be gentler on sensitive skin, such as unperfumed baby (mineral) oil or coconut oil.

  • BREASTFEED: Babies lose heat more rapidly as they can’t produce body heat like adults because of their small muscles. Breastfeeding helps in building your baby’s immunity and keeps him in a better place to fight it out with the viruses. Breastfeed your baby often during winter times to keep them well hydrated, also your own body heat will be the best for babies to warm up.

  • BATHING: Bathing becomes a very difficult task for your baby during the winter season. It is necessary to maintain a balance between the bathroom and the bedroom temperature. Then prepare everything you will need for your baby’s bath before your start. Keep your baby’s baths short, no more than between five and 10 minutes. Heat the bathroom before taking your baby in or just after finishing your bathing session. Take your baby in so that bathroom remains warm.

  • VACCINATION: Immunizing your baby should be your main step to care for your child, whether it be summer or winter season. Vaccination is essential to keep your baby away from dangerous illnesses. Check with your paediatrician if any new vaccines have been included in the immunization schedule.

  • FOOD: A balanced diet is very necessary for your baby in order to keep them healthy. Practice good personal hygiene habits from early childhood to protect toddlers and kids from the threat of germs and illnesses. Make sure he or she adequately intakes all the necessary vitamins and nutrients essential for proper growth. Also, include soups into their diets, it will help them to keep warm. Close attention must be paid to their hygiene.

  • GET THE SUNLIGHT: Providing your baby with an adequate amount of sunlight is a better way to keep them warm during the daytime. Also, during the night time, provide them with proper appliances such as heaters in order to keep them warm and cosy.

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