Pediatric Intensive Care Unit


The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit provides intensive care facilities for ill infants, children and young people. PICUs are able to look after children with a wide range of life threatening pathologies within the emergency, transfer and intensive care setting. They interact, coordinate and supervise the problems related to children by interacting through every component of hospital. At Radix, we aim to provide all specialized facilities to the children who are critically ill and in need of close observation and monitoring, and frequent interventions.

The services provided at Radix PICU are:

Specialized care for seriously ill, injured or ventilated children. Specialized care for post cardiac surgery, cardiac & liver transplantation. Medical Emergency Team for all inpatients. Specialist care for High Dependency patients unsuitable for the ward due to physiological instability, or dependence on specialist technology. Clinical Technologist support to Home Ventilation, technology dependent children.