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A child’s health is the foundation of his or her overall mind and body development and growth. Parents , guardians, grandparents are usually concerned and devoted in providing all possible health advantages to their children's and ensure their healthy living.
Radix healthcare wellbeing departments are usually committed to concerted health and provide all kinds of facilities to meet children and parent’s needs.


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What Do We Offer

The paediatric department of radix healthcare deals with the total well being of every infant and children. Under this service, we helped parents to understand and manage their infant maturation and development. Our team of best paediatricians conduct regular check-ups for the infant and children. All the parents' concern , the child's growth and development are evaluated in detail through head to toe assessment during the visit. We provide holistic care in an array of diagnostic and preventive care in the healthy development of your little one.
Our well baby clinic includes vaccination, immunization and measurement of your baby’s growth and health. At Breakthrough we started our evaluation with all the relevant measurements of the baby's height, weight and head circumference , proper age and appropriate growth chart of the baby. And these evaluations have to be done on a regular basis to track how your little one is developing. So this is followed by a head to toe physical examination.

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